Most just call me Tanza, Nite "We're All Mad Here.." I am sadly only one of a few left of my kind. Many that I knew have either passed away years ago or have passed away due to the virus. I am not new to the virtual worlds. I am still on SL & I've been playing since Jan 2003. Yes that does mean I did beta. Do i care no, not really? SL was boring in the beginning. serious it was. I have met quite a few peices of shit in my travels, most of them are tyrant grid owners. Now I'm trying here."Mad right?"
RM Xue
Tranquility Grid Birthday
Aug 18 2020 5:58pm PDT
Real Life Picture

Real Life
So before we get into RL I have to state this. I'm not looking for RL..RM is my RL, We actaully live together now. fyi catfishing is for the normals I'd rather just rip the bandade off. 30+ Voice Verifed VIA a phone & Cam: FEMALE
1) We're All Mad Here...
~.^ I'm Mad as a Hatter.. "I don't keep conversations open, the thought bores the hell out of me... CHANGE PLACES!" "Quite a predicament...Chances are I quite don't care... do you? Tea anyone?

2) We're All Mad Here...
I'm as mad as a hatter.... ~.^ "Are you having trouble focusin' throughout the day?" "To Collar me, Are you complete off your stool? Sir I do detest your conjecture of this subject, I may be mad as a hatter But you are a fool without tea..oh my..NEW CUP MOVE DOWN MOVE DOWN!"

3) We're All Mad Here...
I'm as mad as a hatter.... ~.^ "This ones for Uko...." HAHAHA "is a nightmare, keepin' you up instead.." "Screw the box, I think outside of the Straight Jacket.."

4) We're All Mad Here...
I'm as mad as a hatter.... ~.^ "...You came for tea..Marvelous.." looks for a clean cup.... My virtual life is full... you missed out of tea...

Tranquility Grid's Party Hangout

6) We're All Mad Here...
No description given.

[2020/08/20 19:30] Tanzanite Moonflower: home set [2020/08/20 19:30] Aqua Tranquility: woot [2020/08/20 19:30] Aqua Tranquility: welcome home "Thank you Aqua, its was Mad of you..."

“But it’s no use now, to pretend to be two people! Why, there’s hardly enough of me left to make one respectable person!”

Tranquility Grid's Party Hangout

Tranquility Grid's Party Hangout

Tranquility Grid's Party Hangout

Tranquility Grid's Party Hangout

09-19-2020 Proposal accepted! I now pronounce you (husband and wife)/(husband and husband)/(wife and wife). You may kiss the bride

Before you ask, Nanisuyake Na-ME-Su-Yen-KA means To be beautiful, To Be pretty. Nanisuyake is an Artstudio & Art Gallery for anyone who wants to show off their artwork.

Wild Horses
Wild Horses Clothing thats given from the heart and souls of the Rocky moutains all the way to the Georgia Rain....

GCG Community
A Group for members of the now closed Grid, Great Canadian Grid to keep in touch with each other. It was made before the grid closed incase they wanted to find a new home with us.

Mad As A Hatter
"It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" If your truly mad then join.."Tea anyone..?"

Pier 2 Freebies
Get Classic Avi and other weird avis here and stuff to use to build with like houses and landscaping items etc. This region has Grid Owners freebie giveaways gathered from all over the HG and even stuff we either fixed or uploaded ourselves. Members can also use this Region to give away their freebie creations. You just have to join our grid and be added as shop owner in group. To rez your items only grid members can rez in our Sandbox with the right group tag or you can take your freebies to your sandbox.

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