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Steven Jay
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Jan 25 2020 7:24am PST
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Real Life
Happily Married to My Best Friend RL Just keep it Real ... If I Do Not Respond I am Usually attending to RL please be patient IM me with any Questions or Issues you may be having and I will Get Back to you :) Right Away !
Earth, Air, Fire, Water , Art ,Games , Build Area for all to Enjoy please take your Projects with you before leaving the region

Serenity Beach
A peaceful place for all to Enjoy !

~*Serenity Beach*~
a peaceful place for peaceful people, peace love and Serenity Hang out Make new Friends Bring your Friends , Play Ludo , Greedy , Beach parties , Dressing Cabanas , All are welcome here , Join our Group , To Enable Rezzing Boxes , Dance areas all over the Region Click the bonfire to Dance around the fire , Or Hang out in the cave or Hidden beach areas, Church and Weddings , Memorial area,

~ Elements~
Art, Gaming, Build area, all are welcome here

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