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It's great to be home again. Great to see my sis Aqua, my bros Cris and Dragon, and of course my little sweetheart with the golden voice, Cuddles who always brightens my day with her songs.
Tranquility Grid Birthday
Nov 18 2020 3:29pm PST
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Real Life
This Right Here?
This is what family is all about. Great tunes, great fun and great love. Yep - that is family....

Be Kind
It doesn't take much to be kind. It doesn't take much to make someone smile. It doesn't take much to make someone laugh. It doesn't take much to have respect. It doesn't take much to remember that behind the keyboard is a REAL person with REAL feelings. ...so stop being an asshole...

About Me
Let's see... okay, started in SL in 2007, commited a few avicides because of drama - which I fucking HATE more than anything. Then one day a buddy of mine told me about HG'ing and I found Tranquility. I was welcomed here with open arms and Cris became like a brother to me. I have the deepest respect and heartfelt love for the guy. If I had a brother in RL, he most certainly would be it. Just don't tell him - I'll never live that shit down.

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