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Owner of Tranquility Grid, but happy to chat with any resident . I have a very special person as Manager, and she was also my RL partner, Aqua. Between us, we try ensure that your time on the grid is a happy and virtually a lag free experience.
Aqua Tranquility
Tranquility Grid Birthday
Jan 25 2020 6:04am PST
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Real Life
Tranquil Park
Tranquility Welcome area. You can get set up into a free home right away if you cannot decide on land. Welcome also has Mesh avi freebies and you can find many other in The Pier II region and Spoiled Diva. Just go to the TP boards above steps.

Aqua !!!
We started after events on the grid were making it hard for me. She brought me through those times and into far better times ever since. She can be the kindest most loyal (and smexy) person you will ever meet. I was very blessed the day she accepted my proposal

~*Serenity Beach*~
a peaceful place for peaceful people, peace love and Serenity Hang out Make new Friends Bring your Friends , Play Ludo , Greedy , Beach parties , Dressing Cabanas , All are welcome here , Join our Group , To Enable Rezzing Boxes , Dance areas all over the Region Click the bonfire to Dance around the fire , Or Hang out in the cave or Hidden beach areas, Church and Weddings , Memorial area,

GCG Community
A Group for members of the now closed Grid, Great Canadian Grid to keep in touch with each other. It was made before the grid closed incase they wanted to find a new home with us.

Marsh`s Home
Group Charter

RUZZ Custom Builds
Group Charter

~ Elements~
Art, Gaming, Build area, all are welcome here

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