Oct 20 2020 2:13am PDT

Tranquility Grid News

New hypergrid friends rental region!

Great news we made a Hypergrid friends rental region where you can rent a house now! Contact any Tranquility staff member to rent one when ya want in region called Paradise Island. You will have about 400 prims roughly to use house is provided and cannot be changed. I took a freebie mesh house reworked it in blender to be clean mesh with no issues is why it can't be changed. The Fencing was reworked as well so it's a clean region for your enjoyment. Hypergrid members can even buy currency to use on our grid and in future even buy stuff to take to your grid using Tranquility Currency we are working on that.
Posted by Aqua Tranquility on Feb 20 2020 3:55pm PST - New hypergrid friends rental region!

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