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Tranquility Grid News

Tranquility Life Grid News

Go to this page to sign up your new avi http://tranquility-life.info/register.php

*In the name and username box just add your chose avi first name only password is like 6 to 15 characters do not add a space in any of the boxes email: make sure it is an active email you use. opensim account details name an avi first name then avi last name in second box *please make your new avi name a bit different while both grids are open or there might be problems when we close old grid you can then make changes to your name on the new avi.

Link for viewer to add new grid this gets pasted into the preferences section of viewer: http://tranquility-life.info:8002

DO not make exact same name as your existing Tranquility Account for now until this grid closes. Because if you try to bring new avi in with same name then it might cause bugs. SO make new name a bit different then when this grid closes down in a few days then you can change your new one's name at that time. When you make your new avi bring her in to meet your existing one and pass all the transferable stuff to them. Folder by folder. Whatever you cannot pass put it in a box and leave it on your land it will go over to new grid as an oar. You will then be able to pick up your boxes other side. If you don't have land We will allow you to drop it into our home region with your name board on it so no one can take copies other then you.
Posted by Nick Hosting on Jan 25 2020 12:38pm PST - Tranquility Life Grid News

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