Oct 22 2020 8:44am PDT

Pier 2 Freebies

Founder: Aqua Tranquility

Get Classic Avi and other weird avis here and stuff to use to build with like houses and landscaping items etc. This region has Grid Owners freebie giveaways gathered from all over the HG and even stuff we either fixed or uploaded ourselves. Members can also use this Region to give away their freebie creations. You just have to join our grid and be added as shop owner in group. To rez your items only grid members can rez in our Sandbox with the right group tag or you can take your freebies to your sandbox.
Enrollment: JOIN
Name Title
Tanzanite Moonflower PierII Shop Owner
Iris Dolphin PierII Shop Owner
Taffy Tranquility Pier II Staff
Steven Jay PierII Shopper
EvaRue Tranquility Pier II Staff
Aqua Tranquility Owner of Pier 2 Freebies
Cris Tranquility Owner of Pier 2 Freebies
Subject From
The Pier II new group you can join Aqua Tranquility